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Are you dreaming about a good night of sleep?

I’m here for you! The first thing people associate with parenting is the loss of sleep. Although that’s true with newborns, it doesn’t have to be forever. You can have young children AND sleep well!

Ask me how!



Hello! I’m Patricia.

I’m so glad you have taken the steps towards good sleep for everyone! Let me introduce myself so you can see I’ve been in your shoes.

I’m a Brazilian mom of two beautiful young children that never slept well on their own. Growing up I had the belief that mothers “just get used to” lack of sleep because what else can you do?! Well, now I know that you don’t just get used to it. It’s painful and unnecessary to be sleep deprived.

Sleeping baby

Patricia was awesome! My husband and I were holding our 6 month old for every nap and now he sleeps in his own crib, by himself! We also used to let him sleep randomly throughout the day and now he’s on a schedule that’s predicable and easy to follow! She helped us cut out our son’s night feed and he’s continuing to sleep better and longer with fewer night wake-ups each night. Patricia was also very easy to communicate with and always answered all of our questions and I had a lot of questions!"


Alex, mother of 6 months old boy


"Patricia is a passionate, dedicated, and responsive sleep coach who is highly knowledgeable within both a theoretical and personal framework. She took on our very challenging situation, with two toddlers with very problematic sleeping arrangements and associations. Her confidence, creativity, and belief in us gave us the courage to tackle our complicated sleep issues. We are so grateful to Patricia, and we will refer our friends and family to her without hesitation!"

Kavita, mother of 17 month old  and 3 year old girls 

"It was a very good experience. I always did a routine, but Patricia changed it completely. I was afraid about it in the beginning but now my son is sleeping much well during the night. He goes to bed earlier, sleeps alone and I don't need to help him during the night. The naps are a challenge but we can see an improvement each day. My husband and I are very happy! Patricia gave us the best support we could wish for."


Debora, mother of 12 months boy

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